Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Team Grappler's Guild of Sandpoint Prepares For Next Tourney

The troops are being rallied...some of which are under 5 foot tall. The excitement is building up as Team Grappler's Guild of Sandpoint prepares to return to Seattle, this time with a full force (including kids!). Danny, affectionately (?) known as Sensei to the kids, prepares to return to competition as well. So, how does one prepare for a Jiu Jitsu tournement? We condition our athletes with the standard protocol plus some. Longer sparring rounds, plyos in between rounds, situational live, to say the least. Add in some Russian Kettlebells and even some "Yoga for Martial Artists" and top it off with with your instructor pushing you past your comfort zone and you end up with a pretty sweet formula for success. We appreciate all the support of our parents and friends as we prepare and lead a not so typical lifestyle... Look forward to hearing about some stellar performances.