Sunday, June 27, 2010

RKC Level 2 & Beast Tamer Challenge

I (Danny) have diverted my attention from Jiu Jitsu competition for the past couple months to focus on training to obtain my RKC Level 2 certification under Pavel. It has been hard to lower my intensity in BJJ, but it is certainly for a noble cause. The RKC II is highly sought after and will cover advanced topics in kettlebell training with more emphasis on functional strength training. Level I spent time on the core kettlebell movements that build general athleticism...a blend of functional strength, conditioning, and mobility. Level II will be more about building super-human strength/power and adding more advanced core movements to the arsenal. It will be an honor to spend more time training under Pavel and his crew of genuises such as Kenneth Jay, Brett Jones, and others whom I respect tremendously.

Along with the famous snatch test I will have to pass to be re-certified, I will be re-attempting the prestigious "Beast Tamer Challenge" In this challenge, the participant must attempt 3 classic strength movements with the BEAST kettlebell (106 lbs. - 48 Kilos) :

The PRESS (clean the KB to the rack position and press overhead with no knee bend)
The PISTOL (basically a single leg squat - will post pics)
The PULLUP ( the BEAST is chained to your hips as you do a pullup from a dead hang)

As of right now, I am highly confident with the Pistol and the Pullup. The Press is what I attempted and failed last time. I am about 10 lbs. lighter than I was when I last attempted this feat of strength...will I be able to prove that I can be lighter AND stronger? We shall find out in 2 weeks (Ill be gone July 9-11).

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kids "Gorilla Cup" Tournament Results

Congrats to our team for excellent results in Kalispell Montana this past weekend. Three kids and one teen competed and continued to show improvement in the highly competitive and tough sport of BJJ/Grappling. Cole Thompson posted almost 10 wins, earning himself gold in both the gi and no-gi kids divisions. Dylan Bankson debuted at his first tournament and displayed unlimited potential as he notched a win on his very first match. Jacob DeLeon and Max Hefley continued to improve in very tough divisions. Their attitude and willingness to step on the mat against more experienced opponents will certainly pay dividends in the future. Team Grapplers Guild continues to put itself on the map as a serious BJJ school in the Northwest!