Thursday, November 18, 2010

Team GG Competes in "The Revolution"

Our team competed in the ever-growing tourney called "The Revolution" in Seattle this past weekend. Four students (3 adults, 1 kid) competed alongside myself (Danny) and met some great competition. Some of our matches are posted on youtube and more are to follow. Earning medals were the following:

Curtis Mickelson, 3rd No-Gi Intermediate division
Spencer Dawe, 3rd No-Gi Beginner division
Cole Thompson, 2nd No-Gi Intermediate division
Cole Thompson, 3rd Yellow Belt Gi division
Danny Clark, 2nd No-Gi Advanced division

The tournament ran smoothly and we saw big improvements on the reffing. My match in the finals was a great one, but unfortunately, ended in a loss. I was beating an opponent on points until a leg lock scramble that resulted in unintentional damage to my knee. It was my own fault, as I pushed my flexibility too far. See a video of the match by clicking here. I was very proud of our team...many of our students are competing at higher skill levels and continue to excel.

On another note, good luck to Team GG/11th Commandment MMA fighters Tim Pepperdine and Nick Kohol this weekend at their fight in Orofino, Idaho.