Saturday, August 27, 2011

Team Grappler's Guild Shines in Recent Tournies

Our local Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team has been tearing up the local and regional tournament scene during the month of August.

Our first tournament, the "River City Submission Classic" took place in Post Falls, Idaho and includes team from Spokane, Coeur d' Alene, and Post Falls. In the youth division, Grapplers Guild standout student Dylan Bankson (aka Spiderman) won a stacked bracket that had over 8 competitors. Out of 5 adult divisions, Team Grapplers Guild took home the gold in 4. Here are the exact stats for the tournament:

Cord Rink, 1st novice under 150lbs.
Caleb Fleck, 1st intermediate under 150 lbs.
Dakota Blaese, 3rd intermediate under 150 lbs.
Grant Simmons, 2nd intermediate 150 - 170 lbs.
Mike McCray, 1st 170 - 190 lbs.
Danny Clark, 1st 200lbs. and above
Tanner Weisgram, 2nd 200lbs. and above

Our second tournament was the biggest one in the Northwest..."The Revolution" in Seattle. A smaller crew represented our team, but the results were equally impressive considering the size of the competition:

Tanner Weisgram, 2nd white belt division (202- 221 lbs.)
Danny Clark, 1st Advanced No-Gi (grappling) division (202 and above)

Congratulations to all of our competitors...we are proud of your accomplishments and representation of our gym!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Scotchman's Peak Hike

On Sunday, August 7th. 10 adventerous Integrative Athlete's climbed to the top of Scothman's Peak. Some of our teammates have dreamt of this for years, while others are die hard Scothman Peak fans and have even snowshoed the trail in past winters.
We had a great time and could not of asked for better weather. The view at the top was breath taking and simply glorious. We saw a family of mountain goats just hanging out on the cliff sides while we rested at the top. There was also a survial kit at the top that we found with a journal inside and we all signed it

We are so proud to be apart of a team and family that repsects, appreciates, and enjoys the outdoors. So when and where is the next one? We do plan on another team hike before the snowfalls! We will keep you posted.

Thank you Laurie for hosting an awesome pot luck bbq following the hike!

Congrats and a big thanks to Curtis and Matt Mickelson, Suzie Coffman, Abby and Danny Clark, Abby's brother ( a city slicker too!) Zack Corriveau, Fran Mason, Laurie Huston, Tawny Macdonald, and Shawn Hitherman. It was a great adventure with great friends!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Technique Vs. Intensity

Can technique and intensity co-exist in a workout? In short the answer is yes, but if you watch "experts" on resources like youtube and have any concept of proper body mechanics you will find yourself cringing as they attack both simple and highly technical lifts with reckless abandonment of form in the name of smoking themselves. This is just asking for an injury. Smoking your body is easy...mastering your movement patterns is very difficult. On the other hand, you have trainers who fixate on technique to the point where they seem to be afraid to let experienced, capable people reach the intensity levels they need to accelerate their fitness to the next level. These same people end up quitting because they never see real results.

This is where a good coach is so essential to get the most out of your workouts. A good coach will teach you proper form and add in the right amount of intensity to advance your fitness level and technical proficiency. A good coach will also refuse to let you continue if fatigue sets in and your technique falls apart. You should always be challenged, but never beyond your capabilities. What good is that last sloppy rep when you have to sit out for a week from training because you killed your back? This is why learning from a qualified coach is far superior than trying to learn from a magazine or online video. Never let anyone teach you technique that has never mastered it themselves under the guidance of a true expert.

The marriage of technique and intensity is a fine art in my opinion, especially as one teaches more complicated movements such as kettlebell exercises and olympic style lifting. The skilled athlete makes their technique look effortless because not only have they practiced, but they have practiced perfectly by constantly refining their movements with precision and intensity in a perfect balance. I have been fortunate to have learned from incredible and inspiring coaches. My humblest respect goes out to these individuals who do it right. Make sure you learn the art of true fitness from someone who truly knows what they are doing and has your best interests and an individual in mind.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Abby's New Blog

Follow Abby's progress in her new blog here. Due to high viewer interest, she has devoted a separate blog that is exclusive to her competitions and training.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Burned Muscle; What To Do Now?

I burned over a pound of muscle last week by adding my cardio...not good. However I emailed Tanji updated pics and she said I was right on target and looked great. She recommended doing no more than 3 30 minute cardio sessions...NO Intensity. I will also up my protein by 1 oz per meal and then reassess on Saturday. I really need to maintain the muscle I have gained and tighten up a little bit more. I am only 2 weeks out now so I don't have a ton of time to switch things up too much. On another note, I got my wedding dress yesterday! It's perfect and I am so excited. Danny and I are getting married in Hawaii in May. My goal after all my shows will be to maintain that hot bikini body for Hawaii! Yippee!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 Weeks Out

Last week I met with Tanji and she was pleased with my progression. I am down to 12.37% body fat and 126 pounds. As of now its not so much about the % but more about how my body looks. Every body carries their body fat differently. The goal is to look tight, lean (especially the butt) and have shape. I could go on stage at 11% or 12%. It doesn't matter, what does matter is how I do look. Therefore I am increasing my cardio to 4 sessions per week in addition to my 5 days of strength training. My focus is to cut and to maintain my current muscle mass. The best scenario would be a decrease of fat and a little increase of muscle.
My other focus is to practice posing. Tanji gave me a set of poses that flatter my physique so now I have to get comfortable with them and the transitions.
Stay tuned for more information about my upcoming shows.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Game Plan after meeting w/Tanji

Today is my 26th birthday! I will not be getting smashed your stuffing my face with my favorite...cheesecake. Instead I am up early blogging then working out. I am getting a massage later though! Danny got me presents that I have yet to open. He always gets me such thoughtful and awesome gifts so I can't wait! We decided to take the day off today and just spend it together. Tomorrow we are heading to Under The Sun in Bonners Ferry. Its a cute little shop with a great cafe. We did it last year so its kinda tradition.
Okay so Tanji was pleased with my physique. I need to focus on cutting. So that means not changing my diet and increasing cardio 3-4 days per week. I need to drop about 1-2% more body fat. I need to continue to practice posing fiercely! Everyday!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy Day!

Today is full of adventure to prepare for my competition. After working out (leg day!) I teach yoga then immediately head off to the dentist. I have a little bit of cleaning and I am getting a set of trays to bleach my teeth for free! Family dentist office's are the way to go. Gibbins and Frank down in Post Falls, ID are amazing and have really helped Danny and I out a great deal. Pearly white teeth for the show? CHECK! Next on my list is meeting with a lady named Vickie at Adhara Spa down in Couer d'alene. I received a gift certificate at the pose clinic for a free body polish. I have never had one so I am very excited. I am also consulting with her for tanning and makeup for my Missoula and Spokane show. After my body polish and hydrating my skin its down to Spokane, WA to meet with Tanji for a 30 minute private and then 1.30 hours of posing practice! I am down to 12.75% body fat as of yesterday and weigh 126.6. I think she will be happy. I may look a little puffy due to the carb cycling and "Aunt Flow" came in to town yesterday! I think she will be pleased though. Speaking of Tanji, this woman is incredible! She is a serious athlete who has worked so hard to get to where she is today. She placed 2nd at the Arnold Classic on March 4th. Personally, after seeing the video, I think she should have placed 1st! I am very honored to have her as my coach. Coach T if you are reading this blog, first of all thank you for reading it and second THANK YOU! XOXO

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Carb Cycling- 4 Weeks Out

I am down to 127.0 lbs and 13.03% body fat. I meet Tanji on Thursday and she wanted to see me with bigger shoulders and quads and between 12-13%. I think she will be pleased.
I am currently in the middle of my second week of carb cycling.

What is carb cycling?

About 4-6 weeks out (I started 5 weeks out) athletes may carb cycle to see what their muscles look like the day of show, or in other words when they "peak".
From Sunday-Thursday I have NO carbs after lunch. For example, my afternoon snack is 3/4 cup of 2% cottage cheese and dinner would be 4 oz lean meat, warm spinach with balsamic vinaigrette, and 9 chopped raw almonds (fat). I still have my last snack which is a protein shake before bed.
The purpose of carb cycling is to manipulate your body and see how it responds to certain amounts of carbs. Sun-Thurs I drink 1 gallon of spring water per day so that I over hydrate and then Friday and Sat I carb load (about 1 gram per pound of body weight) and drink only about 1/2 gallon of spring water. Its like a science project. I go without many carbs and drink lots of water ( I look puffy during this phase), then I eat a lot of carbs like brown rice or sweet potato so that the water under my skin from over hydrating is literally pulled into my muscles (because glycogen storage requires tons of water) and by Saturday morning (day of competition) I should look my best. Full, round muscles. If I look puffy I had too many carbs. If look flat I didn't have enough. Being 4 weeks out I have time to figure out what works best for my body so that I peak on Saturday. My goal is to maintain and maybe grow a little bit more muscle while I cut for the last 4 weeks. It will obviously be harder to grow much more due to decrease in carbs, but maintaining will be a must!
How is it going? Well to be honest its a true test to my last blog...commitment. No, its not easy but I am determined and if I start to feel week or self pity I find a way to motivate myself. Actually, Danny has been a huge support system for me. He keeps me going when I feel like giving up. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have him in my corner. I am very lucky! Thank you Danny!
Peace & Love,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Truth About Commitment

Commitment...not a commitment to another person, work or your favorite TV show. I am talking about a commitment to your health and fitness. I have been a personal trainer for 6 years now and apart of the gym world for over 10. You see the ones who get super stoked about their new years resolution and hit the gym hard and then burn out because they aren't getting the " American fast food" like results and quit. They then flee to yo-yo dieting, bad supplements that say will give them the results they want in only 12 days, or even worse going under the knife. Change takes time...if it were quick and easy we'd all have 6 pack abs.
If you want to change the way you look, feel, or increase your sport/athletic performance and you have yet to see the results you really want but continue to do the exact same thing (like just take aerobics classes or walk on the treadmill for 1 hour) then guess what results you are going to get? The same results you have been getting! If you want to change you must commit to your training. You must commit to nutrition. You must commit to yourself! There is no way around it.
Take my word for it. I have seen dramatic results in my body since I have finally committed to eating right and training smart. Yes ladies, you must lift weights if you want to see some definition. No ladies, you will not look like a dude. For example, I am currently training for a bikini contest. One would think all I do is starve myself all day and do tons of cardio. There's no way I would lift weights because I would just bulk and not look like a bikini model at all. Wrong! 4-5 days per week I strength train...hard and heavy. I include kettlebells, barbells, dumbbells, power ropes, and pull-ups. I do 1 maybe 2 cardio sessions at the most per week and one day off for recovery. And starving myself? No way. I eat 6 meals a day every 3 hours. I eat almost 1800 calories per day. I understand every body is different and will vary (that's why you should work with a qualified trainer and nutritionist). If you continue to float around shooting in the dark your results will never be met. Having control of my nutrition and training has given me freedom from the stress and unhappiness I felt when I couldn't get my body to where I wanted it.
I have committed. I know many of our members have also committed to their health and it is inspirational. I applaud all of you for making this commitment. You are true warriors.
There are no excuses when it comes to your health. Only laziness and ignorance. If what your doing now is not getting what you really want but refuse to try something different and listen to someone who knows what they are talking about and can truly help you...that's your own stubbornness and your own problem. There are 24 hours in the day...find time. Your family, your co-workers, and your body will be very grateful that you did.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Down in Body Fat Up in Muscle!

April 2nd is just around the corner. Saturdays measurements looked great. I am right on track. I am currently at 13.32% body fat and 127.2 pounds. I am still gaining muscle and losing fat.
I have been training legs 2x per week to really pump them up. I always start with compound, powerful exercises like jerks and then work into more grinding exercises like front/back squats. One leg day is focused more on glutes and hamstrings and the other one I target different angles of my quads and calves. Recently I have been a big fan of drop sets. At the end of my workout I will pick an exercise like leg extensions and start with a heavy weight and go until failure, drop down in weight and go to failure again and then do that one more time. What a burn! I rest about 1 minute between drop sets and do 3 sets.
Today I emailed a video of me practicing my bikini posing to Coach T. I can't wait to hear back from her. For those of you who are interested in purchasing tickets for my show in Spokane on the 23rd of April go to You do want to get prejudging tickets for sure b/c that is when they bring out the Bikini Division. Let me know if you need any help.
PS. If you'd like to go to any of my other shows further away check out www. for the April 2nd show in Vancouver, Wa and for the show on the 9th in Missoula.
Thank you all for you support!
Peace and Love,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lining my ducks up...

Hello! I am about 4 and 1/2 weeks out and I am lining all of my ducks up in a row. Tanning? Check. Suit? Check. Hair and make-up? Check. Sponsorship? CHECK!

That's right, I am now a sponsored athlete. Litehouse has generously agreed to sponsor me for this seasons competitions. This is huge! I am super stoked and now I have been re-motivated to step up my training and keep my nutrition in check. I am honored that a company like Litehouse would support my fitness pursuits, I don't want to let them down.

I recently achieved another goal of mine. I knocked out 80 sets of 7 reps of snatches in the VO2 Max 15:15 protocol. My next goal is to work towards 8 reps. Today I finished my back workout with a 5 minute snatch workout. 10 snatches per side for 5 minutes. I was trying to shoot for 100 but I only got to 91. I was reminded by Coach Danny to not focus on intensity but just go for that extra burn at the end. I kind of felt my right shoulder bothering me a bit as well.

Speaking of injuries; you want to know the dirty truth about strength training 5-6 days per week? Be prepared to encounter random minor injuries. My flexibility is not what it used to be either. My back feels stiff and my hamstrings are like cables. Would I do it all again? Damn right! The results I have gotten from this training is insane. My body looks the best it has ever looked, my strength is out of this world, and my heart feels like its made out of elastic steel. Today I knocked out sets of non-assisted pull-ups. I couldn't even do 1 2 months ago! I do balance it out with 2-3 sessions of yoga per week and I always stretch after my workouts. I can really connect with my muscles in a way that I never felt before and its a great feeling. Training is tough and yes, even for a bikini competition. I train heavy, hard, and in a no nonsense fashion. The more people tell me I can't the more I tell myself I can. And I will! Watch out Vancouver Natural, here comes lil' miss Abby from Sandpoint!
Tip for today: Commit to doing something that you thought you'd never be able to do (like a pull up) and then sit back and enjoy that feeling of achievement when you do. It's empowering!
Love and Peace,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

5 weeks out!

I cannot believe I am 5 weeks out from my first show. I just made my last payment on my suit, I'm excited to see it. As of today I am 127.8 lbs and my body fat% is down to 14.06%. I plan to compete around 11-13%.
Since my first week I am down 1.80 lbs on the scale, up 8.30 lbs in muscle, down 10.10 lbs of fat, and -7.61% of body fat. I have honestly not changed much in my diet with the exception
of playing with the amount of carbs I consume at night. I am currently still eating 1786 calories per day. When I had decreased my carbs I started to lose too quickly so I am back up again. Speaking of carbs I found an awesome way to make a yummy side dish taste like dessert! Guilt Free!
Take a sweet potato and cut it up into strips. Melt 2 TBSP of coconut oil (get the oil that is solid) and drizzle it over the sweet potato. Add as much Cinnamon as your hear desires! Bake it in the oven for about 25 minutes at 420. It is so good!
Another fun thing you can try is a homemade exfoliate. It is great to exfoliate your skin especially this time of the year like once a week. I got this from my make-up artist for the shows. For the face get BAKER'S Sugar (the finest sugar) and mix with olive oil and then apply to face and rinse. Your skin will feel so soft. For the body you can use granulated sugar and mix also with olive oil, apply and then rinse. It is super cheap and great for your skin. If you tan its great to do beforehand. Store bought scrubs can have a bunch of other ingredients and chemicals and they can get pricey. So have fun, eat some yummy sweet potato's and then give your self a great scrub and feel amazing! You can follow up about 3-4 days later with a a fruit peel. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank You

I just want to take a moment to thank a special person who gave me a sweet card and a generous donation for my competitions. It really took me back and am so amazed that I can inspire someone through my fitness journey. I hope that I continue to be an inspirational role model through execution and blogging for others.
Thank you Jan for your thoughtful gift. This sport is very expensive and every bit helps.
Much Love,

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have changed my workouts a bit this past week to focus on building my shoulders and legs while slowly burning fat. I am now doing 2 shoulder workouts per week and 2 leg workouts per week keeping the rep ranges 6-12. I hit all different angles of the muscles by switching up the way I do my exercises. For example, I did alternating 1 arm dumbbell military presses contracting my anterior shoulder muscles at the top to feel "the pump". I have to learn how to connect to my muscles so I am doing more "body building" type workouts rather than fast twitch, explosive. It has been hard for me but I am feeling and seeing a difference. I have decreased the amount of cardio I do so that I can slowly burn fat and concentrate on muscle growth. This will change as I get closer but I will not have to cut down too much which is good.
I have also included posing practices after every workout. Bikini posing is pretty fun but will take some time to get down. As far as what judges are looking for I checked out the NPC website and a few others and this is what I have gathered:
Overall physique and shape
The look has to be in shape but not too lean or hard. It is a soft but tight look.
I will wear a two piece bathing suit that is cut differently from Figure. They are more like traditional bikinis. You can even buy one off the rack. I ordered a pro suit from CJ's. Apparently the suit really makes a difference in how you place. You also wear heels and jewelery. Bikini weighs in more on hair and makeup as well...they are looking for how "marketable" you are. You only have two poses- front and back and they are more relaxed than figure poses.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I met Coach T

Last night I drove to Spokane to meet my Save Fitness coach, Tanji Johnson. She is an incredible woman and very inspirational. She's very personable and down to earth who gives honest advice and instruction. I couldn't ask for a better coach.
I met with her first privately to assess my body and then I joined the other 5 SF girls for an 1.30hr of posing and walking.
After meeting with Tanji and getting her honest and professional advice I am going to compete in Bikini instead. This decision was made because I have small shoulder caps and a very narrow waist (which isn't a bad thing). Because I cannot fight my Italian and French genetics putting on big muscles my not be in my DNA. So there is this new division called "Bikini". At first I wasn't very thrilled but now I am. It is more of a "modeling" division which is the direction I really want to go in. The suits are really cute too. I train my butt off in the gym and I am naturally very strong and get stronger when I train. My body frame just isn't broad enough to support the muscle mass that is needed for figure. I do not need to be as lean for Bikini either, actually its normally between 10-15% and I am already around 15% and 8 weeks out. Actually Tanji said that she does not want to see me less than 12-13% when I see her next month.
As of right now it does not hurt to continue to train heavy (yes!) and focus on building a little bit more in my shoulders and quads. She wants me to keep my current nutrition plan and not focus on cutting.
Tanji put things into perspective for me last night. If I want to compete in figure this season, cool. But why am I competing? For experience? To get my feet wet? If so, then cool go for it and I will get better. However I am competitive and I want to win. I want to have an edge and a chance. She said that if I am competitive then I will do amazing in Bikini! As the night went on she became more and more convinced that Bikini was calling my name. I have to embrace what I do have and roll with it. I have naturally a lean, streamlined physique with some muscle. Sweet! So live it up and flaunt my strengths and strengthen my weaker points along the way. She does think that I should compete in all 3 in April and if I want to I can use Bikini as as stepping stone towards figure for the fall. Let's start with one step at a time and see what happens. I emailed her today to help me with my new game plan for Bikini. I will fill you in soon.
I will also post more information on the Bikini Division and what the judges are looking for.
Peace & Love,

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Serious Update

Okay, so last Saturday I was down to 16.46% Body fat. I checked in yesterday to make sure that I was not burning muscle because I decreased my carb intake for dinner by half and I am down to 15.63%! I have put on lean muscle and burned only fat, yippee!
I tried increasing my protein because a week ago or so my measurements read that I was burning muscle, but I think I was just over training with too many intense cardio sessions. I backed off a little bit and that seemed to help. Now I am back to eating my regular intake of protein.
Alright so I am officially doing a competition! My 5" stiletto's came in today and they are actually quite comfortable. To be honest, I LOVE them! Remember that team I was talking about joining with Tanji Johnson? Well, I did it. I signed up and am now officially a teammate for Save Fitness. She co-sponsors a national qualifier competition in Vancouver, WA on April 2 and... wants me to compete. That's like 3 weeks earlier than I have planned for. The Spokane competition isn't till April 23rd and its not a national qualifier. So I have to step up my training and eating because I only have 8 weeks before the big show. And its a big show! I meet Tanji this weekend at the pose clinic in Spokane. She will let me know if my physique will be ready for the 2nd or not. I am shooting high, and that I am going to go for it. I will of course blog about my experience at the clinic. (afterward Danny and I are eating at PF CHANG's, my favorite) Posing is going to be the most challenging portion. I feel confident in my training program and nutrition, but posing is a whole other story. Right now it feels really awkward. I have heard that you should start practicing posing 3x week 8 weeks out, so if that's right then I better start.
I have noticed an increase in strength. For example, I can now do 3 pull-ups with perfect form with no problem. I am now working for 5. I have been following Pavels, Grease the Groove protocol for the pull-ups by doing a pull-up every time I walk by the pull-up bar (about 6-8 per day). Now I will do 2 pull-ups every time I walk by. My body has really started to change as well. I can see a difference in my upper body and abs. I cannot wait to see what my body will look like even a week from now.
Love and Peace,

Friday, January 14, 2011

End of Week 7 Results

Body fat is down! I am currently at 17.45%, last week I was 17.61%. The bad news is that I burned not only fat but also muscle. I am guessing this happened because I increased my cardio workouts without modifying my food intake. So as of yesterday I increased my protein intake so now I am eating about 1900 calories per day. Next week will be my last week of power and building strength so we will see how this effects my muscle growth and body fat %. After next week I will be increasing my cardio and my workouts will consist of more circuit style training and more emphasis on shedding fat and maintaining my strength. My goal is to compete on April 23rd around 10-12% body fat. My progress is right on track. I am a 1/3 of the way from the competition and 1/3 of the way down in body fat.
I signed up for a figure competition 4 hour seminar in Spokane on Jan 30th. I will have the opportunity to meet IFBB Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson who will be sharing great information for amateurs like me to be better prepared. I am glad that this came up because I am really nervous about posing. You can check out more information on Tanji Johnson and her program, Save Fitness at
So here are my measurements and workouts from last week:
Weight 129.6 Bodyfat%: 17.45%
Chest:13 3/4", Waist: 27 3/8", Arm: 11 3/8", Forearm: 9 3/4", Hips:36 7/8", Thigh: 21 1/2", and Calf: 13 7/8"
Super Set: Barbell Jerks and Vertical Jumps: 1x5:5 (65lbs), 1x4:5(75lbs), 1x3:5(95 lbs), 1x3:4(100lb), 1x2:4(105lbs)
Assisted Pistols:5x5 (my right leg is much weaker so I need more assistance with the TRX. I was able to 5x5 on my left side with little to no assistance from Danny)
Barbell Front Squats: 2x8(75lbs), 2x6(1x85lb, 1x95lb)
Barbell Walking Lunges: 8x10 per side: 60,70,75 lbs
Hindu Squats:1x50
Donkey Calf Raises: 3x12 w/ Danny on my back for weight (195lbs)
Concentrated Calf Raises: 2x10
Cardio: 1 hour of Ashtanga Yoga in the evening
Super Set: Barbell Snatches: Step-Up Jumps: 2x4:5(55lbs), 2x3:1x51x4(60 lbs), 1x2:4(65lbs)
Max KB Press Ladder: 2xMax- 1x5 per side pyramid w/35lb and 1x2per side w/ 44lb
Barbell Up Right Rows: 2x12, (20lbs, 30lbs,) 1x10(40lbs)
Superset: Side Raises: Bent Over Raises: 3x12:12 (10lbs)
Max Set of Box Raises: 1x10 5lbs
Cardio: Tabata 16 minutes 20:10
Burpees, Suicides, Bikes, and Mountain Climbers
Yoga: 1.15 hours of Ashtanga in evening
Wed: OFF RECOVERY- 15 minutes of Yoga
Thurs- Back, Bi's and Cardio:
Superset of Double KB Cleans: Double KB Swings: Broad Jumps: 1x5:8:6 (35lb), 1x5:6:6 (44lb), 1x4:6:5 (44lb), 1x5:4:4 (44lb clean, 53lb swings), 2x2Cleans with 53 single
Deadlifts: 5x3 (3x135lb, 1x145lb, 1x155lb)
Pull Ups Max: 1x2, 2x3 1x 3 focus on negative (going slow on the way down)
Supported Rows: 3x10
Shrugs: 3x10
Alt. Db Curls: 3x10
Cardio: 30 minutes of interval training on Spin and 15 minutes on cardio
Fri:Chest, Tri's,and abs:
Superset of Close incline Pushups to clap pushups: 3x8:4
Bench Press: 2x12 (55lb, 65lb), 1x8(85lb)
DB Flys: 1x12 (1olbs), 1x10 (20lbs), 1x8(25lbs)
Slow Pushups: 1x4
Bench Dips:3x12 (BW, 5, 10lb added)
Bar Rotations: 3x16 (bar, bar+5, bar+10)
Decline sit-ups) 3x15
10 Minutes of cardio at end: 6 minute Alt TGU and 4 minute jump rope
Evening Cardio- Tabata: 5 minute warm-up and cool down jump roping
Squat Thrusters:split jump lunges: Burpees: and Pushups-Killer!
Sun- No VO2 training due to bad wrist. I did a Tabata instead doing only ketttlebell swings and it was awesome. 5 minute jump rope warm up 16 minutes of 20:10 swinging with 1-3 Tabata's using the 44lb and the last one going down to the 35lb to bust out extra reps. I finished strong doing 2 super sets of med ball toe touches and Russian twists.

Inspirational Training Music

Music is powerful and motivational beyond words. When you wake up at 5am to chug down your am protein smoothie and carbs and prepare for your 1.30-2hr training session you need motivation. For those of you who know me personally may take me as a "southern gal" and peaceful yogi. Cruising down the road I do listen to Dave Matthews and country. However when it comes to training there is another side of me...Jay Z, Alice in Chains, Metallica, techno, etc. I train listening to music that inspires me to not quit, to pump out that last rep feeling strong and capable of anything. I listen to music that inspires me to not back down and to focus on only one thing...Looking my very best on stage in 13 weeks!
Lyrically my favorite song is "Second Chance" by Shinedown. These words remind me of all of the changes I have made in my life by saying goodbye to people and habits that did not help me grow. At the time saying goodbye was hard and I thought, "What the hell am I going to do now without them? They (It's) all I know." Saying goodbye to poor eating habits, a bad relationship, and comfort was the best thing I have ever done. As far as my parents go, I love them dearly. However letting them know, "Hey this is MY life and I have a second chance to do what I really want to do" was very liberating for me. They have always been supportive of my decisions and I know they love me unconditionally. I had to say goodbye to their standards and expectations and go with my own standards and expectations of myself.
This song really resonates with me deep down and reminds me of my second chance to do what I am passionate about and to feel alive. I encourage you to find a song that lyrically resonates with you and inspires you to keep moving forward, don't stay in one place. Live life to the fullest! Work towards excellence and happiness will follow.( Something Danny's Dad always told him when he was younger.) A few other songs that I am currently digging:
99 Problems- Jay Z
Man In The Box-Alice in Chains
Poker Face- Lady Gaga
Riot- Three Days Grace

Monday, January 10, 2011

Updated Measurements

Weight 130.4 (day of menstrual cycle, of course!)
Body Fat: 17.61%
Chest: 32 7/8, Arm: 11 3/8, Waist: 27 1/2, Hips: 36 5/8, Thigh: 21 1/2 and Calf: 14"

Lets compare my initial measurements to my current measurements:

11/23/2010 Initial Measurements:
Weight: 129.40 NOW 130.40 1lb Gain
Lean Mass: 101.37 NOW 107.43= 6.07 lbs of lean muscle GAIN
Fat: 28.03 NOW 22.97= 5.07 lbs of Fat Lost!
Body fat: 21.66 NOW 17.61%= Down 4.05%
This is after only 5 weeks of changing my nutrition and stepping up my workouts. I cannot wait to see where I am in 5 more weeks!
Looks like I am on the right track! My goal again is to compete around 10-12% body fat on April 23rd. That gives me exactly 14 weeks! I will be progressing in to maintaining my strength and muscle and stepping up my cardio to burn fat in about another week or so.

Workouts Week 4 and 5

Workouts 12/23 - 12/27:
I did not write all of my workouts while at home so I will give you a general break down of my training during Christmas break. I trained 5 days out of the 7 days including compound movements, isolated exercises, and cardio. Each training session took about 2 hours.
Lifting: Power Hang Cleans: Vertical Jumps 50% of max(1x3):3, 60% (1x3):2, {70%(1x2):2, 80%(1x2):2, 90%(2x1):2}x2
Deadlifts: Weighted vertical jumps: BW vertical jumps 4x4:4:4
Upright Rows: Lateral Raises 3x10:10
Wt. Floor Sit up 3x12
15 Min Cardio
Day 2: Push Jerk: Box Jump 5091x3):2, 60(1x3):2, 70(1x2):2, 80(1x2):2, 90(3x2):2
Dumbbell Incline Press 4x10
box raises: bent over raises 4x8-10
Assisted Pullups 3x8
reclined bicep curls 4x8-10
15 min cardio
- I know I did more but I cannot remember all the exercises...mental note to self, carry a workout journal everywhere you go!
So basically I trained in that fashion while on Christmas break.

Workouts from 1/1-1/9 I cannot find my workouts from Dec. 29th-31st Sorry!
Cardio: VO2 Max: Sat. 1/1 67 sets
Sun. 1/2 OFF
Legs: Mon, 1/3
Clean and Jerk: 3:6 26lb, 26lb, 35lb (double) 3x3-5 44lb, 44lb, 53lb (4 reps) Single Super Set Vertical Jumps: 3x6, 3x5
TRX Pistolsl: 6x8 per leg
Walking Lunges: 3x10 per leg double 18, double 26
Parallel Front Squats: 3x10 double 18, double 26, double 35 Super Set Donkey Calf Raises: 3x12 w/ Danny on back
Finisher: 30 BW Jump Lunges
Day 2 Shoulders: Tues. 1/4
Double Snatches: 3x6 double 18, 3x3 double 26 super set Step up Jumps: 3x6, 3x5
Press Ladder: 2x4 35lb
Upright Rows: 3x12 9, 13, 18lb superset Bent Over Raises: 3x12 9lbs
Side Raises: 3x12 w/9lbs
Finisher: Max set of box raises
Cardio: Tabata: 20:10 work to rest ratio. 8 Tabata's 5 min. warm-up and 2 min. cool down.
Tabata: Squat Thrusters, explosive sit ups, burpees, and suicide sprints
Day 3: Wed. 1/5- OFF
Day 4: Thurs. 1/6- Back
Double Cleans:double swings:Broad Jumps: 1x5:8:6 (26lb), 2x5:8:6(35lb), 1x3:8:6(44lb), 1x5:8:6(44lb)
Deadlifts:3x5(53's,62's,62's), 2x3(70's)
Pull-Ups: 3x8 Assisted
Supported Rows: 1x12(26) 2x8(35)
Lawn Mower Pulls: 1x80 (15 lb dumbbells)
Double Shrugs: 3x12 (26's,35's,and 44's)
Cardio: 30 minutes of interval training on spin bike
Day 5: Fri. 1/7 Chest and Ab's
Wide Incline Push-ups Supersetted with Clap Push-Ups: 3xMax:4
Floor KB Press: 2x12 w/26,1x10 w/35lb
Floor Kb Flys: 1x12 w/9, 1x12 w/13, 1x12 w/18
Superset- Side Bends: Hanging Knee Tucks: 3x12:12
Cardio: Tabata 20:10 work to rest ratio. 8 Tabata's
Tabata 1-2: 1 arm swing left, 1arm swing right, suitcase crunches, lateral jumps
Tabata 3-4: Snatches left, snathces right, squat jumps, explosive sit-ups
Day 6: Sat. 1/8
VO2 Max: 30 sets stop due to hands so I did about 10 more minutes of cardio
Day 7: Sun. 1/9 OFF

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Survived The Holidays

Whooo! I made it! The holidays are officially over and I really didn't do that bad.

Don't get me wrong, I am talking about my nutrition plan, I loved every second with my family.

I found that the toughest time I had with eating clean over the holidays was more emotional than anything. For example, I associate my mom's famous homemade apple pie with comfort and being around my family so it was very hard for me to turn down her apple pie when it was not a cheat meal. I felt like I was turning down memories that are dear to me. I didn't want to turn down something that in the past made me feel so at home and safe. So yes, I treated myself to a slice of my mom's homemade apple pie and it was so good! Afterall, I only have one opportunity a year. I also have to plead guilty to breaking and snacking on homemade Christmas cookies here and there. But as far as the meals went I followed my plan no problem! Danny and I trained 5 days out of the 7 at local gyms.

My measurements are below. I will blog about my training at home later.


Weight: 130.6 Body Fat% - 18.75% (Momma's apple pie and yummy Christmas cookies take credit!)

Chest: 32 1/4, Waist: 27 1/4, Arm: 11 1/16, Forearm: 9 5/8, Hips: 36 7/8, Thigh: 21 1/2, and Calf: 14 1/8