Monday, August 10, 2009

Something Worth Committing For

The word commitment is often associated with fear, self-doubt, procrastination, and impatience. Take a minute to ask yourselves why? Why can I not stick with something long enough to see the outcome that can completely transform my life and well being in a positive way. Committing to something such as yoga, martial arts, writing, mountain biking, etc can help you become more confident in yourself and your capabilities in life. You know how people say its not the top of the mountain with the glorious view that they look back and remember and feel, its the journey to the top. Once you begin to climb up that rocky, challenging, and strenuous mountain you know that deep down you have just committed to yourself that you will reach the top no matter what it takes. You have committed to go through pain, joy, peace, and challenge to achieve the goal only you have set. The greatest thing about this is that nobody else told you that you had to achieve this goal; that you had to get to the top to be a better person. You know that you must reach the top because it is something that will help you become truer to yourself. So you begin your climb, you stumble over a few rocks, sweat, and even get stung by a wasp. You have the fear that a grizzly bear can smell even your thoughts from miles away, yet you keep going. Why? COMMITMENT! So with physical obstacles, fear, and mental obstacles you still climb with one foot in front of the other taking one step at a time. You know that there is no easy way out or quick fix to the top other than to keep moving. So just keep moving, tell yourself you are almost there and how good it will feel to know that you have accomplished something so mighty like hiking this vertical climb to the top of a mountain. There is no time to procrastinate or to hide from fear or dwell on self-pity, you only slow yourself down. The climb down is always so rewarding and gratifying. You tell your self, "I did it, I committed and did it with everything I had in me and I achieved my goal!"

Bottom line, whether you are training for a specific event or sport, general fitness, or just for fun find something to strive for and to live for. Give your heart a run for its money and release the adventure from within. Committing to a practice can and will transform your very existence not just your physical appearance . Whats the fun in taking diet pills and yo-yo dieting or only pushing yourself in areas that you know are possible? Go beyond and dive deep. LIVE! COMMIT!

"Practice and all is coming" Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois -Ashtanga guru/founder

"Find your limits or edge and start there"-Abby