Thursday, August 12, 2010

Level 2/Beat Tamer Results

RKC Level 2 was a blast. And by the looks of the pics above, one would think I had been the 14th person in the world to tame the beast. Unfortunately, such is not the case. The beast did, in fact, get the best of me in the press. Although I did lock it out overhead (did you see the size of that thing compared to my forearm??), I got diqualified because my heel came off the ground. Props to Mr. Neupert for upholding the standards of the RKC, but DAMN!!! So close. Unquestionably, I will get it next time. Honestly, I was excited that I actually got the thing over my head. The sheer mass of it when you clean it into the rack position is overwhelming. Master RKC Kenneth Jay gave me some great tips for pressing and assured me I have the strength to do it, I just need to improve my focus and technique.

I was pretty proud of the fact that I was the only person that even attempted the challenge. I was really happy with how easily I crushed the Beast Pullup and Pistol. The training definitely paid off. Needless to say, the testing required to pass the certification was a breeze (pullup + 53lbs, press with 97lbs., and 100 snatches with 53lbs in 5 min).

Overall, I learned some awesome new exercises, such as the Viking Push Press, the Bent Press, and gained valuable training info to pass on to my students.