Thursday, January 27, 2011

Serious Update

Okay, so last Saturday I was down to 16.46% Body fat. I checked in yesterday to make sure that I was not burning muscle because I decreased my carb intake for dinner by half and I am down to 15.63%! I have put on lean muscle and burned only fat, yippee!
I tried increasing my protein because a week ago or so my measurements read that I was burning muscle, but I think I was just over training with too many intense cardio sessions. I backed off a little bit and that seemed to help. Now I am back to eating my regular intake of protein.
Alright so I am officially doing a competition! My 5" stiletto's came in today and they are actually quite comfortable. To be honest, I LOVE them! Remember that team I was talking about joining with Tanji Johnson? Well, I did it. I signed up and am now officially a teammate for Save Fitness. She co-sponsors a national qualifier competition in Vancouver, WA on April 2 and... wants me to compete. That's like 3 weeks earlier than I have planned for. The Spokane competition isn't till April 23rd and its not a national qualifier. So I have to step up my training and eating because I only have 8 weeks before the big show. And its a big show! I meet Tanji this weekend at the pose clinic in Spokane. She will let me know if my physique will be ready for the 2nd or not. I am shooting high, and that I am going to go for it. I will of course blog about my experience at the clinic. (afterward Danny and I are eating at PF CHANG's, my favorite) Posing is going to be the most challenging portion. I feel confident in my training program and nutrition, but posing is a whole other story. Right now it feels really awkward. I have heard that you should start practicing posing 3x week 8 weeks out, so if that's right then I better start.
I have noticed an increase in strength. For example, I can now do 3 pull-ups with perfect form with no problem. I am now working for 5. I have been following Pavels, Grease the Groove protocol for the pull-ups by doing a pull-up every time I walk by the pull-up bar (about 6-8 per day). Now I will do 2 pull-ups every time I walk by. My body has really started to change as well. I can see a difference in my upper body and abs. I cannot wait to see what my body will look like even a week from now.
Love and Peace,

Friday, January 14, 2011

End of Week 7 Results

Body fat is down! I am currently at 17.45%, last week I was 17.61%. The bad news is that I burned not only fat but also muscle. I am guessing this happened because I increased my cardio workouts without modifying my food intake. So as of yesterday I increased my protein intake so now I am eating about 1900 calories per day. Next week will be my last week of power and building strength so we will see how this effects my muscle growth and body fat %. After next week I will be increasing my cardio and my workouts will consist of more circuit style training and more emphasis on shedding fat and maintaining my strength. My goal is to compete on April 23rd around 10-12% body fat. My progress is right on track. I am a 1/3 of the way from the competition and 1/3 of the way down in body fat.
I signed up for a figure competition 4 hour seminar in Spokane on Jan 30th. I will have the opportunity to meet IFBB Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson who will be sharing great information for amateurs like me to be better prepared. I am glad that this came up because I am really nervous about posing. You can check out more information on Tanji Johnson and her program, Save Fitness at
So here are my measurements and workouts from last week:
Weight 129.6 Bodyfat%: 17.45%
Chest:13 3/4", Waist: 27 3/8", Arm: 11 3/8", Forearm: 9 3/4", Hips:36 7/8", Thigh: 21 1/2", and Calf: 13 7/8"
Super Set: Barbell Jerks and Vertical Jumps: 1x5:5 (65lbs), 1x4:5(75lbs), 1x3:5(95 lbs), 1x3:4(100lb), 1x2:4(105lbs)
Assisted Pistols:5x5 (my right leg is much weaker so I need more assistance with the TRX. I was able to 5x5 on my left side with little to no assistance from Danny)
Barbell Front Squats: 2x8(75lbs), 2x6(1x85lb, 1x95lb)
Barbell Walking Lunges: 8x10 per side: 60,70,75 lbs
Hindu Squats:1x50
Donkey Calf Raises: 3x12 w/ Danny on my back for weight (195lbs)
Concentrated Calf Raises: 2x10
Cardio: 1 hour of Ashtanga Yoga in the evening
Super Set: Barbell Snatches: Step-Up Jumps: 2x4:5(55lbs), 2x3:1x51x4(60 lbs), 1x2:4(65lbs)
Max KB Press Ladder: 2xMax- 1x5 per side pyramid w/35lb and 1x2per side w/ 44lb
Barbell Up Right Rows: 2x12, (20lbs, 30lbs,) 1x10(40lbs)
Superset: Side Raises: Bent Over Raises: 3x12:12 (10lbs)
Max Set of Box Raises: 1x10 5lbs
Cardio: Tabata 16 minutes 20:10
Burpees, Suicides, Bikes, and Mountain Climbers
Yoga: 1.15 hours of Ashtanga in evening
Wed: OFF RECOVERY- 15 minutes of Yoga
Thurs- Back, Bi's and Cardio:
Superset of Double KB Cleans: Double KB Swings: Broad Jumps: 1x5:8:6 (35lb), 1x5:6:6 (44lb), 1x4:6:5 (44lb), 1x5:4:4 (44lb clean, 53lb swings), 2x2Cleans with 53 single
Deadlifts: 5x3 (3x135lb, 1x145lb, 1x155lb)
Pull Ups Max: 1x2, 2x3 1x 3 focus on negative (going slow on the way down)
Supported Rows: 3x10
Shrugs: 3x10
Alt. Db Curls: 3x10
Cardio: 30 minutes of interval training on Spin and 15 minutes on cardio
Fri:Chest, Tri's,and abs:
Superset of Close incline Pushups to clap pushups: 3x8:4
Bench Press: 2x12 (55lb, 65lb), 1x8(85lb)
DB Flys: 1x12 (1olbs), 1x10 (20lbs), 1x8(25lbs)
Slow Pushups: 1x4
Bench Dips:3x12 (BW, 5, 10lb added)
Bar Rotations: 3x16 (bar, bar+5, bar+10)
Decline sit-ups) 3x15
10 Minutes of cardio at end: 6 minute Alt TGU and 4 minute jump rope
Evening Cardio- Tabata: 5 minute warm-up and cool down jump roping
Squat Thrusters:split jump lunges: Burpees: and Pushups-Killer!
Sun- No VO2 training due to bad wrist. I did a Tabata instead doing only ketttlebell swings and it was awesome. 5 minute jump rope warm up 16 minutes of 20:10 swinging with 1-3 Tabata's using the 44lb and the last one going down to the 35lb to bust out extra reps. I finished strong doing 2 super sets of med ball toe touches and Russian twists.

Inspirational Training Music

Music is powerful and motivational beyond words. When you wake up at 5am to chug down your am protein smoothie and carbs and prepare for your 1.30-2hr training session you need motivation. For those of you who know me personally may take me as a "southern gal" and peaceful yogi. Cruising down the road I do listen to Dave Matthews and country. However when it comes to training there is another side of me...Jay Z, Alice in Chains, Metallica, techno, etc. I train listening to music that inspires me to not quit, to pump out that last rep feeling strong and capable of anything. I listen to music that inspires me to not back down and to focus on only one thing...Looking my very best on stage in 13 weeks!
Lyrically my favorite song is "Second Chance" by Shinedown. These words remind me of all of the changes I have made in my life by saying goodbye to people and habits that did not help me grow. At the time saying goodbye was hard and I thought, "What the hell am I going to do now without them? They (It's) all I know." Saying goodbye to poor eating habits, a bad relationship, and comfort was the best thing I have ever done. As far as my parents go, I love them dearly. However letting them know, "Hey this is MY life and I have a second chance to do what I really want to do" was very liberating for me. They have always been supportive of my decisions and I know they love me unconditionally. I had to say goodbye to their standards and expectations and go with my own standards and expectations of myself.
This song really resonates with me deep down and reminds me of my second chance to do what I am passionate about and to feel alive. I encourage you to find a song that lyrically resonates with you and inspires you to keep moving forward, don't stay in one place. Live life to the fullest! Work towards excellence and happiness will follow.( Something Danny's Dad always told him when he was younger.) A few other songs that I am currently digging:
99 Problems- Jay Z
Man In The Box-Alice in Chains
Poker Face- Lady Gaga
Riot- Three Days Grace

Monday, January 10, 2011

Updated Measurements

Weight 130.4 (day of menstrual cycle, of course!)
Body Fat: 17.61%
Chest: 32 7/8, Arm: 11 3/8, Waist: 27 1/2, Hips: 36 5/8, Thigh: 21 1/2 and Calf: 14"

Lets compare my initial measurements to my current measurements:

11/23/2010 Initial Measurements:
Weight: 129.40 NOW 130.40 1lb Gain
Lean Mass: 101.37 NOW 107.43= 6.07 lbs of lean muscle GAIN
Fat: 28.03 NOW 22.97= 5.07 lbs of Fat Lost!
Body fat: 21.66 NOW 17.61%= Down 4.05%
This is after only 5 weeks of changing my nutrition and stepping up my workouts. I cannot wait to see where I am in 5 more weeks!
Looks like I am on the right track! My goal again is to compete around 10-12% body fat on April 23rd. That gives me exactly 14 weeks! I will be progressing in to maintaining my strength and muscle and stepping up my cardio to burn fat in about another week or so.

Workouts Week 4 and 5

Workouts 12/23 - 12/27:
I did not write all of my workouts while at home so I will give you a general break down of my training during Christmas break. I trained 5 days out of the 7 days including compound movements, isolated exercises, and cardio. Each training session took about 2 hours.
Lifting: Power Hang Cleans: Vertical Jumps 50% of max(1x3):3, 60% (1x3):2, {70%(1x2):2, 80%(1x2):2, 90%(2x1):2}x2
Deadlifts: Weighted vertical jumps: BW vertical jumps 4x4:4:4
Upright Rows: Lateral Raises 3x10:10
Wt. Floor Sit up 3x12
15 Min Cardio
Day 2: Push Jerk: Box Jump 5091x3):2, 60(1x3):2, 70(1x2):2, 80(1x2):2, 90(3x2):2
Dumbbell Incline Press 4x10
box raises: bent over raises 4x8-10
Assisted Pullups 3x8
reclined bicep curls 4x8-10
15 min cardio
- I know I did more but I cannot remember all the exercises...mental note to self, carry a workout journal everywhere you go!
So basically I trained in that fashion while on Christmas break.

Workouts from 1/1-1/9 I cannot find my workouts from Dec. 29th-31st Sorry!
Cardio: VO2 Max: Sat. 1/1 67 sets
Sun. 1/2 OFF
Legs: Mon, 1/3
Clean and Jerk: 3:6 26lb, 26lb, 35lb (double) 3x3-5 44lb, 44lb, 53lb (4 reps) Single Super Set Vertical Jumps: 3x6, 3x5
TRX Pistolsl: 6x8 per leg
Walking Lunges: 3x10 per leg double 18, double 26
Parallel Front Squats: 3x10 double 18, double 26, double 35 Super Set Donkey Calf Raises: 3x12 w/ Danny on back
Finisher: 30 BW Jump Lunges
Day 2 Shoulders: Tues. 1/4
Double Snatches: 3x6 double 18, 3x3 double 26 super set Step up Jumps: 3x6, 3x5
Press Ladder: 2x4 35lb
Upright Rows: 3x12 9, 13, 18lb superset Bent Over Raises: 3x12 9lbs
Side Raises: 3x12 w/9lbs
Finisher: Max set of box raises
Cardio: Tabata: 20:10 work to rest ratio. 8 Tabata's 5 min. warm-up and 2 min. cool down.
Tabata: Squat Thrusters, explosive sit ups, burpees, and suicide sprints
Day 3: Wed. 1/5- OFF
Day 4: Thurs. 1/6- Back
Double Cleans:double swings:Broad Jumps: 1x5:8:6 (26lb), 2x5:8:6(35lb), 1x3:8:6(44lb), 1x5:8:6(44lb)
Deadlifts:3x5(53's,62's,62's), 2x3(70's)
Pull-Ups: 3x8 Assisted
Supported Rows: 1x12(26) 2x8(35)
Lawn Mower Pulls: 1x80 (15 lb dumbbells)
Double Shrugs: 3x12 (26's,35's,and 44's)
Cardio: 30 minutes of interval training on spin bike
Day 5: Fri. 1/7 Chest and Ab's
Wide Incline Push-ups Supersetted with Clap Push-Ups: 3xMax:4
Floor KB Press: 2x12 w/26,1x10 w/35lb
Floor Kb Flys: 1x12 w/9, 1x12 w/13, 1x12 w/18
Superset- Side Bends: Hanging Knee Tucks: 3x12:12
Cardio: Tabata 20:10 work to rest ratio. 8 Tabata's
Tabata 1-2: 1 arm swing left, 1arm swing right, suitcase crunches, lateral jumps
Tabata 3-4: Snatches left, snathces right, squat jumps, explosive sit-ups
Day 6: Sat. 1/8
VO2 Max: 30 sets stop due to hands so I did about 10 more minutes of cardio
Day 7: Sun. 1/9 OFF

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I Survived The Holidays

Whooo! I made it! The holidays are officially over and I really didn't do that bad.

Don't get me wrong, I am talking about my nutrition plan, I loved every second with my family.

I found that the toughest time I had with eating clean over the holidays was more emotional than anything. For example, I associate my mom's famous homemade apple pie with comfort and being around my family so it was very hard for me to turn down her apple pie when it was not a cheat meal. I felt like I was turning down memories that are dear to me. I didn't want to turn down something that in the past made me feel so at home and safe. So yes, I treated myself to a slice of my mom's homemade apple pie and it was so good! Afterall, I only have one opportunity a year. I also have to plead guilty to breaking and snacking on homemade Christmas cookies here and there. But as far as the meals went I followed my plan no problem! Danny and I trained 5 days out of the 7 at local gyms.

My measurements are below. I will blog about my training at home later.


Weight: 130.6 Body Fat% - 18.75% (Momma's apple pie and yummy Christmas cookies take credit!)

Chest: 32 1/4, Waist: 27 1/4, Arm: 11 1/16, Forearm: 9 5/8, Hips: 36 7/8, Thigh: 21 1/2, and Calf: 14 1/8