Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Week 3- SICK!

Okay so I am already half way through week 4 and am just starting to kick back from a nasty head cold I've been fighting. Man, it sure did set me back. Either way, here I am now only 3 weeks out from San Jose so I really have to step up my snatch workouts. Oh yeah, by the way now I have to do 100 reps with the 35!!! Yes, thats right, 100! Thank god for hand chalk!
So b/c of being sick last weeks' workouts were just not the best but I managed to get a little something in. My diet could have been better...a couple extra snacks while feeling low (no excuse by the way!). So with 100 snatches to complete and measurements coming up next week I am ready to kick it into high gear and stop making excuses for myself.
Check out what I did last week:

Mon 1/18: KB w/o w/ Danny:
3x12 double kb presses 18lb
3x12 ballistic double kb bent over row 18lb
(1 min rest after each set completed)
3x8 double kb B Squats 18lbs
3x12 double kb swings 18lbs
(1 min rest " ")
3x6 double windmill l,r 18lbs
3x30 sec double kb overhead lock out 18lbs

Snatch Protocol: 4x10

Tues 1/19: Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series

Wed 1/20: Snatch Protocol 4x10- Hands need TLC!

Thurs 1/21 (cold sets in): Warrior Circuit

Fri 1/22: BJJ Class

Sat 1/23: YOGA DAY USA, 1 hr vinyasa class

Sun 1/24: Snatch Protocol 4x10

This is what I have done so far this week ( a glimpse to me stepping up my workouts and diet)

Mon 1/25: KB workout with Danny
a-1:3x6 Double KB press 18, 26, 26lb
a-2:3x6 Alternating Renegade Rows w/ 25lb dumbbells
b-1: 3x10 double suitcase squats 26lbs
b-2: 3x10 snatches per side 35lb (wanted to test under stress)
c-1: 3x8 side bends 35lbs
c-2: 3x30 sec double kb overhead lock out 18lbs

Tues 1/26: Warrior Circuit- I swung the 44, did supported bent over rows with a 35 and held up 1 min handstands...feeling super strong and much better!
That night I went to a 1.15 hr Ashtanga vinyasa class in Spokane.

Till next time,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Abby's Training Week 2 / Measurements

Okay, so check it out... after just 2 weeks of eating cleaner and more consciously, my measurements have already dropped in all the right places...yippee!

Start Date: 1/4/2010
Week Two:1/18/2010

Weight: 132
Weight: 129

chest: 33 1/8"
chest: same

arm (relaxed): 11 5/8"
arm (relaxed): 11 1/4"

arm (flexed): 12 1/2"
arm (flexed): 12 3/8"

forearm: 9 3/4"
forearm: same

waist (smallest): 26 7/8"
waist (smallest): 26"

waist (around belly button) 29"
waist (around belly button) 27 7/8"

hips: 36 1/2"
hips: same

quad: 21 1/4"
quad: 20 7/8"

calf: 14:
calf: 13 7/8"

Sweet! Like I mentioned in my previous blog my energy has increased, I feel stronger and leaner already. I have also noticed that I am not hungry all the time like I was before the diet.
My diet has stayed the same since my last blog except I forgot to mention the CHEAT DAY!
On my cheat day (which is Saturday) I get to eat a little bit more carbs and enjoy a yummy sweet. This helps me in many ways to prevent binging and breaking throughout the week as well as making sure that my body continues to stay charged and to keep my metabolism and fat-burning hormones high so that I can continue to break down my stubborn fat throughout the week.

Alright, so lets get to the workouts. Check 'em out!

Week Two:

Mon: Same KB workout with Danny and BJJ that night

Tues: Snatch Protocol:2x12 26lbs, 1x5 35 lbs, 2x6 35 lbs. 1 minute head stand after snatches and yoga flow that night (1.15 hrs)

Wed: Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series and Snatch protocol: 2x15 26lb and 3x6 35lbs and 1 minute headstand

Thurs: Warrior Circuit

Fri: Snatch Protocol: 1x20 l,r with 26lb 3x8 l,r with 35lb (next week I only work with the 35lb no more 26lbs). Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series (1.30 hrs) 2 minute headstand!

Sat: Rest and cheat meal!

Sun: Ashtanga Yoga Primary and intro to secondary series. I also worked on my drop backs and rock ups.

Okay, so there you go for week two. I am charged and ready to keep going. Only 4 weeks left before San Jose, CA and am feeling pretty confident in my cardio and form...just need to work on my hands.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Snatching The Pounds Away!

Okay, so I have survived the first week of preparing for my snatch test and am almost through my second week. So this is what I did last week as far as exercising and adding in a snatch protocol to work up to the 58 reps with the 35lb kettlebell next month in San Jose.
Make sure you also check out my diet under the workouts listed.

WK 1 Workouts:
Monday 1/4/10- KB strength workout
Long-term goal work up to 3x12 on both exercises
A-1: Double Suitcase Kickstand lunge 3x8 l,r (18lb kbs)
A-2: Double KB Swing 3x10 (18lb kbs)
(One minute rest between super sets)
long-term goal work up to 3x12 on both exercises
B-1: Double KB Clean and Press 3x12 (18lb) working up in weight next week
B-2: Double Ballistic KB Bent-over Row 3x8 (26lb kbs)
(One minute rest between super sets)
C-1: Power Wheel Roll Out 3x10
C-2: Slow & Controlled Sit-up 3x10 (4 sec up & down)
(One min. rest between super sets)

That night I took BJJ from 6-7:30pm
Tues 1/5/10- Ashtanga Primary Series in the morning (1.30 hrs)

Wed 1/6/10 - Ashtanga Primary Series (1.30 hrs)

Thurs 1/7/10- Warrior Circuit (45 min. am class)
Fri 1/8/10- Snatch Protocol begins!
2x10 l,r (26 lbs)
1x4 l,r (35 lbs)
2x5 l,r (35 lbs)
BJJ Class that evening (1.30 hrs)
Sat 1/9/10- Snatch Protocol
2x12 l,r (26 lbs)
1x5 l,r (35 lbs) STOPPAGE due to hands
Sun 1/10/10- Ashtanga Primary Series (1.30 hrs)
As far as my diet goes...not so bad. Check out what I am doing:
Diet is based around 3 meals a day with a ratio of protein:complex carbs:healthy fats.
For snacks throughout the day I will eat baby carrots, snap peas, nuts, or sip on a protein shake.

Breakfast: hard boiled egg and 1/4 cup of plain oatmeal OR 1/2 grapefruit
I will also have 1/2 scoop of protein in sub. of egg and flax cereal in sub of oatmeal and banana in sub of grapefruit
Morning supplements: vitamin C, 1 tsp of maca root, 1 tsp or taurine and Estera (capsule form to help balance hormones).
Workout: Post workout protein drink and clementine or 1/2 banana to help break protein down.
Lunch: Green garden salad (healthy Carbs), egg, tuna, or sliced chicken (protein) and either slice of cheese, yogurt, scoop of almond butter, or fruit for a snack ( these snacks have healthy fats and are eaten in moderation ONLY if I am still really hungry).
Evening workout: Post workout protein drink and fruit
Dinner: Green garden salad or cooked greens, lean protein, and yogurt, protein shake with
coconut milk, sweet potato or cheese for snack. I will also have 1 small piece of organic dark chocolate if I am craving sweets.
So far the combination of eating cleaner and cutting out sweets & starchy carbs, drinking plenty of water, and stepping up the intensity in my workouts has really been working. I can already feel a difference in my stomach and upper body. My energy feels better and I am not as hungry throughout the day.
Stay tuned for my week 2 workouts which will have a lot more snatch protocol workouts!!!
Peace and love,

Monday, January 11, 2010

We're Engaged!

Many of you have already heard the news but I am just so excited that I figured I would write a quick blog to make sure everyone knows... WE ARE ENGAGED!!!

The fairytale story:
Danny surprised me on Dec. 22nd at 4am with a trip... destination unknown. To my surprise he had enlisted the help of a couple of our members, Ryan and Forrest to cover classes, and he drove me 6 hours north to a town called Banff in Alberta, Canada. What a winter wonderland! We enjoyed a beautiful drive through dramatic national parks and when we are arrived into the European influenced town of Banff nestled in the Canadian Rockies I saw a huge castle. I thought it was really cool and wanted to get some pictures. Much to my surprise Danny had reserved a room in THAT castle!
It was perfect...after getting ready to go to a German restaurant for dinner we decided to walk around the castle. And that was when he popped the question....on one knee and all! It was the sweetest, most romantic experience of my life and it will forever be cherished in my heart.

I will now conclude my fairytale story (before I get too mushy) with the hopes of a perfect happily ever after with Danny!

Peace and love,

Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolutions, Snatch Test, and Assistant RKC in San Jose

For my new year resolution I decided that cutting back sugar, enriched flour, and empty carbs was a must. If I want to attain a truly athletic and functional body I have to step it up. So I am now confronting my darkest and ugliest enemy....YUMMY, satisfying, comfort food! Oh, how much I love food! I also just learned that I will be going to San Jose, CA Feb. 18-21 to be an RKC assistant instructor at the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Workshop. This is a lot of responsibility as I now will be putting my expertise and knowledge to the test in order to help certify and train kettlebell enthusiasts who wish to be an RKC certified instructor. Not only will I be assisting my team leader (senior rkc instructors like Jeff O'Connor, my former team leader) but I must demonstrate that I have been keeping up with my kettlebell training. So the first day I arrive I must complete an "x" amount of reps of snatches with a 16kg (35lb) Kettlebell! YIKES!!! For example, if I go in at 58Kg (about 128 lb) then I have to snatch 58 reps with perfect form and with the use of only chalk and with a 5 minute limit.
So I have decided to not only blog my diet trials and tribulations but to also blog my kettlebell workouts as I prepare for my snatch test.
This is an awesome opportunity and I am very proud that I have been asked to assist my teachers in training others the RKC way...wish me luck, as I do not want to let them down.
Stay tuned for posted KB workouts balanced with my yoga and diet.