Sunday, December 19, 2010

Week 3

I am approaching what I believe to be the most challenging time of the year to stay focused and disciplined. Yummy Christmas cookies, glasses of wine, and pasta are not in the cards for me this year. We had our Christmas Party last night which was so much fun! I reserved my cheat meal for the party but it didn't go quite as planned. It is only ONE cheat meal, I skipped my 4th meal (cottage cheese and brown rice) and ate dinner with not enough protein and way too many carbs and finished with more goodies. Now, one meal is meant to be consumed in ONE sitting not over the course of 4 hours. Do not let the one meal fool you into thinking you can pig out all night long. Eat your cheat meal over the course of a normal meal (like dinner) not spread out throughout the course of 3-4 hours. So I made a few mistakes but you learn from them and you don't do it again. To be quite honest with you I feel like I am really beginning to understand my mantra, "Eat to Live Not Live to Eat". In the past when eating breakfast I would be thinking about lunch and at lunch I would think about dinner. Now its not like that. I eat because I have to and if I want to reach my goal, I need to fuel my body with healthy foods.
Alright, so check out my measurements and workouts below:
BW: 128.4 Body Fat%: 18.42%
Chest: 31 7/8, Waist: 27 1/2, Forearm: 9 1/2, Hips: 36 3/8, Thigh: 21 5/8, Calf: 13 7/8
Mon: Warrior Circuit and 22 minutes Spin
Wed: Double Clean/Squat/Jerk- 2x6, 3x5, 1x3 (26lb, 35lb, single 44lb per side)
Deadlifts: 1x8, 2x6, 2x4 (35, 44, 53, 62lb)
Pistol Work:3x12 per leg down to box and stand back up: Diamond Push ups on med-ball 3x12
Ab Roller: 3x10
5-8 Minute Cardio: 3x circuit: 20 swings 4 windmills per side: 30 mountain climbers
Thurs: 25 Minutes of Cardio that night...needed day off
Fri:Double Cleans: Double Swings: 3x8:8 2x6:6, 1x3:3. (26,35,44lb)
Assisted Pull-Ups: 3x12
Double Upright Rows: 3x12 w/ 9lb
Side Bends: Calf Raises: 3x12:12
Cardio: 1o minute run outside
Sat:Off, Christmas Party Cheat Meal(s) :(
Sun: VO2- 58 sets. Stop due to hands so I finished with 10 1 arm swings per side every 15 sec of work instead of snatches and got to 80 sets.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Training has been running smoothly and so far I have been getting along with the nutrition plan with the exception of a few nights... It took all my strength to not consume an entire jar of peanut butter and eat a large glorified candy bar (protein bar). But with a whole lot of will and a few fitness magazines to keep me motivated I pushed through. I will be creating my own blog shortly. My blog will consist of my weekly workouts and measurements, nutrition, and the truth about the victorious moments and the pain of training for figure. I will link it up to our team blog.
My measurements for last week are below: *Note I started my period the night before measurements.
Weight: 130.0 (period)
chest: 31 3/4 waist: 27 1/4, arm: 11 1/8, forearm: 9 3/8., hips: 36 1/8, thigh: 21 1/8 and calf: 13 3/4. So looks like I am making progress on my girth measurements.
Body fat: Last week it was 20.99% This week:19.97% Down 1.02% Up 1.80 in muscle and down 1.20 lbs of fat.
Workouts: *Note- I jump rope for active recovery in between sets for 30 secs to 1 minute on my lift days.
Mon- Warrior Circuit
Tues- VO2: 62 sets of 7
Wed- Double Push Jerks: 3x5 with 26lb,2x3 w/ 35lbs, Single 44lb 2x3 per side
Double Front Squats: 3x8 w/ 26lbs, 3x6 w/35lbs
3x Max push ups supersetted w/ hanging twisted knee tucks 3x12
10 minutes of Cardio
Thurs: VO2 with Viking Push Press ( rest hands) set 40 for 8 reps w/ 18 lb
Fri- Double Swings: 3x 8 with 35lb and 3x6 with 44lb
Step and press 1x8 per side w/ 18lb 5x6 w/ 26lb
Double BO Row: 3x8 w/ 26lb and 3x6 w/ 35lb
Sit up and Reach with Mb for a sets of 12 after each round
Shrugs: Calves 3x10
25 Minutes of Cardio that evening
Sat: Off- Cheat meal at PF CHANG'S!
Sun- Man Maker: 12 minutes of continuous swings, jump rope for rest w/35lb and 6 minutes of alternating TGU's w/ 26lb.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

VO2 Max Training

As mentioned in my previous post, my goal is to train only with kettlebells for my figure competition. One of my pivotal training protocols is Kenneth Jay's Vo2Max using both the kettlebell snatch and viking push press ( when my hands need recovery).

The basics of the Vo2Max and why I have incorporated it into my training:

1: Forges a heart of elastic steel- If you want to increase your maximal oxygen uptake (the gold standard of all athletics), one must train at an intensity that elicits your maximal oxygen uptake. So fast "sprints" vs. long, low- intensity training.

2: The snatch will shred you up- This kettlebell exercise is ballistic and intense. It is a perfect example of "high intensity interval training" which burns way more calories compared to steady state cardio training (running, biking, etc). Once you have mastered how to "tame the arch" then you take your training to the next level forging ripped abs, shedding inches, lean and toned arms, canon ball shoulders, and a sexy back. Not to mention a sweet butt and awesome legs.

3: I'ts freakin cold outside- Yes, so I'm finally beginning to enjoy running but now its winter so I need cardio that will strengthen, not only my lungs and heart, but also my body, hence the VO2 protocol. If you are a runner or really any type of athlete and you want to improve your PR then get into VO2 Max training with kettlebells. You won't regret it! No other cross-training method carries over better to athletic performance. Results are proven by olympic athletes in action! I cannot wait to see how this has helped my running when I train for my first sprint triathlon!

How it works:

5 Minute Cadence Test:

1st min: snatch every 7 sec on stronger side

2nd min: snatch every 6 sec on other side

3rd min: snatch every 5 sec on first side

4th min: snatch every 4 sec on other side

5th min: go all out on stronger side and count your total reps. Total reps divided by 4 and round up. My number is 7

15:15 work:rest ratio- 15 secs of snatching to hit your number: 15 secs of rest: repeat on other side.

Goal: 80 sets of 7! I am currently on set 62 with a 12kg. I completed 80 sets with the 18lb already. I do this 2x per week.

Next step: Either start over going heavier (unlikely for me), retest cadence and work towards 80 sets of 8 reps, or move on the the next protocol- 36:36 (more on that once I am there).

Check out Kenneth Jay's book by clicking the link below. Buy "Viking Warrior Conditioning" if you want to improve your athleticism or general fitness.

 Viking Warrior Conditioning

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Figure Competition

After our second or third workout together over 4 years ago I looked at Danny and said, "I really want to do a figure competition." Fast forward to the present and not to mention 20 lbs of fat burned off, I have decided that its about time to make that aspiration a reality. In April 2011 I (Abby) will be competing in a figure competition. Am I really looking forward to walking on stage with a fake tan and a dressy, $100 bikini in front of a bunch of strangers and judges in the front row judging my body from head to toe, front and back? No, not really. The real inspiration is to see what I can do through sacrifice and discipline. I am looking forward to the hard training, strict nutrition and plenty of sleep. I will miss my sweets that's for sure. Do I have the will power and control to not allow FOOD to control me? Time will tell. Eat to Live Not Live to Eat. That will be my mantra the next 4-5 months...even through Christmas. A new lesson for me will be not only appreciating healthy foods but the understanding of eating to better fuel my lifestyle and body. Unlike most figure competitors who use traditional weight training and cardio workouts to prepare, I will be training with only kettlebells. This will be interesting. I have the utmost confidence that kettlebells will forge the exact physique I want to build.
For the next 4-5 months I will be blogging my nutrition plan, workouts, and measurements including and most importantly my BODY FAT %. I will also include pictures. I know in the past I have attempted to update you about my current workouts and nutrition plan and have fallen short. Now that I have a complete plan and am diving in 100%. Be prepared to read some blogs about the truth of training for a figure competition. There will be no secrets on my blog.
To start I have listed my initial measurements from last Saturday, first week of training and nutrition plan. Every week I will be getting my measurements taken so I will post them weekly.

Initial Measurement Date: 11/27/2010
Weight: 129.4 Age:25 Body Fat%: 21.16% Chest: 32 1/8 Waist: 27 3/8 Arm: 11 Forearm: 9 5/8 and Hips: 37 1/8
Projected figure competition body: 118 lbs and 12% Body Fat = -13.22 lbs of fat + 1.82lbs of muscle.

Week 1 Workouts:
Mon: Warrior Circuit and Yoga
Tues: VO2 Max Snatch protocol. 34 sets of 15 snatches with 15 sec work: 15 sec rest ratio. 26lb kettlebell
Wed: Kettlebell Workout- Double Push Jerks 3x5 w/ 26lbs and 2x3 w/ 35lbs
Suitcase lunges 4x10 per side with double 26's
Hanging Knee tucks 2x max
10 Minutes of all out cardio: viking push presses, jump rope, and swings
Thurs: VO2 Max Snatch protocol. 35 sets of 15 snatches w/ 15 sec work:15 sec rest ratio 26lb kettlebell
Fri: Kettlebell Workout- Double Swings 3x5 w/ 26lbs and 2x3 w/ 35lbs, Assisted Pull-ups 3x5
Side Bends 3x12 per side w/ 26lb,
10 minutes of cardio: Tgu's, windmills, and 1 arm swings
Sat/Sun: Yoga or light cardio

Nutrition Plan under the guidance of Danny: 1630 daily calories. 6 meals per day every 3 hours.
One cheat meal per week.