Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 Weeks Out

Last week I met with Tanji and she was pleased with my progression. I am down to 12.37% body fat and 126 pounds. As of now its not so much about the % but more about how my body looks. Every body carries their body fat differently. The goal is to look tight, lean (especially the butt) and have shape. I could go on stage at 11% or 12%. It doesn't matter, what does matter is how I do look. Therefore I am increasing my cardio to 4 sessions per week in addition to my 5 days of strength training. My focus is to cut and to maintain my current muscle mass. The best scenario would be a decrease of fat and a little increase of muscle.
My other focus is to practice posing. Tanji gave me a set of poses that flatter my physique so now I have to get comfortable with them and the transitions.
Stay tuned for more information about my upcoming shows.

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