Thursday, March 10, 2011

Busy Day!

Today is full of adventure to prepare for my competition. After working out (leg day!) I teach yoga then immediately head off to the dentist. I have a little bit of cleaning and I am getting a set of trays to bleach my teeth for free! Family dentist office's are the way to go. Gibbins and Frank down in Post Falls, ID are amazing and have really helped Danny and I out a great deal. Pearly white teeth for the show? CHECK! Next on my list is meeting with a lady named Vickie at Adhara Spa down in Couer d'alene. I received a gift certificate at the pose clinic for a free body polish. I have never had one so I am very excited. I am also consulting with her for tanning and makeup for my Missoula and Spokane show. After my body polish and hydrating my skin its down to Spokane, WA to meet with Tanji for a 30 minute private and then 1.30 hours of posing practice! I am down to 12.75% body fat as of yesterday and weigh 126.6. I think she will be happy. I may look a little puffy due to the carb cycling and "Aunt Flow" came in to town yesterday! I think she will be pleased though. Speaking of Tanji, this woman is incredible! She is a serious athlete who has worked so hard to get to where she is today. She placed 2nd at the Arnold Classic on March 4th. Personally, after seeing the video, I think she should have placed 1st! I am very honored to have her as my coach. Coach T if you are reading this blog, first of all thank you for reading it and second THANK YOU! XOXO

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